Memorial Donations

RTO Members in Memoriam

Each year, a $500 donation is made to the RTO-ERO Foundation in memory of our members who are no longer with us.

The RTO\ERO Foundation  is a registered Canadian charity, with a bold vision: enhance the quality of life of aging adults.  The foundation shares the belief that seniors are valuable and contributing members of society.  All are worthy of respect and deserve to age successfully and with dignity.  We are among a few foundations to invest exclusively in initiatives related to enhancing the quality of life of aging adults.

We focus on three core areas of granting: - Aging Research, Geriatrics/Gerontology training and Innovative Programs to Reduce Social Isolation.

Imagine a Canada where seniors get the care and support they need, where, when and how they need it.

Imagine a Canada where we have a better understanding of the different dimensions of aging; and more health professionals are trained to apply that knowledge.