Spring 2021 Newsletter

District 11 Newsletter Announcement:


Changes, Challenges, and Choices!

This is the new theme for our spring newsletter, News At 11. Your fascinating stories filled our pages for our newsletter this past fall. Now we are looking for new stories to delight our readers for our upcoming spring edition. Consider episodes in your life that have been inspired by changes, challenges, and choices and tell us your story. For example:

Changes to your:

- Career

- Home situation

- Location

Challenges with your: 

- Career

- Travel adventure

- Personal situation

Choices you’ve made with your:

- Covid situation

- Hobbies and volunteering activities

- Transitions in life

Before you write, please share your original story idea with Sylvia Ranson, Managing Editor, at: rtodistrict11newsletter@gmail.com. Deadline for submission is January 30, 2021. Maximum length approx. 500 words.